Sam & Nathan

When Sam and Nathan approached me to do their engagement photos, they had already decided on a "Fairylike" theme. After looking through the sample photos of what Sam had sent me, I said to her, 

We can definitely make that happen.

Establishing the vision.

From looking through the sample photos Sam had sent me, I could already tell that she and Nathan preferred a more natural and bright engagement. Not the in your face bright, but a more subtle bright. A daydream kind of bright. 

That being said, I knew I needed two things. A very big tree, and a forest-like park. 

I need a tree, like a really big one.

As a photographer, it is really important for me to share in my client's vision. Their vision is my vision, and I am committed to making it come true. With the kind of engagement theme that Sam and Nathan had in mind, the setting was paramount to a successful execution. With that being said, I went into detective mode to find the perfect locations for these lovebirds. 

Lettuce Park

After sharing the list of locations I found with Sam, we started to narrow down the choices by accommodating it to the time and distance restraints they had. By knowing the limitations, it made it easier for me guide them towards selecting the optimal location, and by the end, I told Sam that Lettuce Park would be our best bet.

I knew there was a chance that Sam would be hesitant on this location based on the visuals from Google search and Yelp. To ease her worry, I visited Lettuce Park myself. Immediately, upon arriving at the park, I knew the photos online did the park very little justice. The park was quaint and picturesque, made up of little trails enveloped by towering trees. It looks almost magical with the lights shining through the little gaps in the trees. As you can imagine, I had a great time walking around soaking in the beautiful scenery. Of course, I didn't visit the park empty-handed. I brought my camera along so I can take some photos of the park to share with Sam and Nathan. Even before sending the photos, I made sure to edit it in a way that would best capture the essence of their engagement vision. In a way, I was also determined to prove how beautiful and under-appreciated the park was— in your face, Google and Yelp! After seeing the photos, Lettuce Park was secured as our second and final location.

Ready, set, run!

I loved Sam and Nathan's fun and playful personality. They were obviously not afraid of some incoming cars.

*cue Today Was a Fairytale by T-Swiftz*

“Today was a fairytale,
Time slows down whenever you're around.”