Trust your instincts


You know you’re special.

No one can see the world quite like you do.

You look at the world through sharpened lens — 
with every decision and every moment under constant scrutiny.

You feel every emotion.
You see every detail.
Nothing slip by you unnoticed.

So trust yourself.

You are… instinctual.
You are… wise.
Trust your gut. Your senses. Your feelings.
They’re there for a reason.

If something doesn’t feel right — be brave enough to examine it.
Don’t neglect the doubts that’s knocking at your door.
Invite them in for coffee and have a conversation with them.

Save yourself from the heartaches and disappointments of
“I should have known better”
by communicating with yourself.

The greatest ally you’ll ever have is —  


Kim Thuy TuComment